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$50k obo with everything listed

The car is worth about 30-33k since an 09 with 65000km is selling for $28000 on autotrader. So technically you’re paying $17k for parts which i spend almost 40k on.

This year 2012 I freshly put in : 
ATP GTX3076R turbo 
Injector Dynamic 725cc injectors
Tial 44mm exteral wastegate
custom dump tube
DW fuel pump
Perrin 3” turbo inlet
Denso IKH27 spark plugs
Exedy Twin plate carbon clutch
Setrab custom top mount oil cooler
with russell lines and fittings
Custom tuned by APH at 400whp
Fresh with 90%+ yokohama AD08 tires
DBA5000 front rotors 
DBA4000 rear rotors
Ferodo 2500 front pads
Ferodo 2500 rear pads
HKS grounding kit

Overall parts list

ATP GTX3076 R externally gated
Tial 44mm wastegate
APH custom dump tube (DEI titanium heat wrapped)
Cobb Tunning Access Port
Protuned (thanks to APH)
HKS Super Suction Intake
HKS full catless turbo back (DEI titanium heatwrapped )
HKS oil cap
HKS rad cap
HKS grounding kit
Perrin FMIC
Denso IKH27 plugs
Cusco oil catch can
Kartboy front tranny mount
Kartboy Rear tranny mount
Koyo aluminum racing Radiator
Earls custom fitted oil filter relocation kit
Cosworth thermostat
Perrin turbo inlet
Samco white upper and lower rad hose
Vibrant vacuum lines
Tomei EL headers
Setrab custom fitted oil cooler
Russell fittings
Russell stainless steel Lines
DW fuel pump/ kit
Grimspeed boost solenoid
Beatrush shifter linkage bushing
Beatrush forged pitch mount
Injector Dynamics 725cc injectors
Group N L/R engine mounts
Group N transmission mount
Perrin rear diff bushings
Exedy Twin plate carbon clutch
Motul 300v
Motul Gear 300

HKS Hipermax 3 sport coilovers
Cusco rear lower control arms
Whiteline toe link
Progress Rear sway bar
Progress rear endlinks
Eibach camber bolts
Goodridge SS brakelines
Motul RBF600
DBA 5000XS drilled/slotted Fronts
DBA 4000 slotted Rears
Ferodo 2500 front pads
Ferodo 2500 rear pads
Perrin front strut bar

Advan RG-D matte black 
18x9 +15 front
18x9 +25 rear
Yokohama AD08 245/40/18
Volk Racing Formula lug nuts

Varis front bumper 
Varis CF lip
Varis CF double canards
Varis style CF vented hood
Varis FRP side skirts
Varis CF side skirt add-ons
Varis CF Diffuser
Varis CF Diffuser extensions
CF exhaust heat shield
R205 fender badge
WRX spoiler wrap in cf vinyl
Voltex CF GT wing for hatch back
Defi BF oil pressure
Defi BF oil Temp
Defi BF boost 
Defi VSD heads up display
Prova rear view mirror blue lens
20% tints
PIAA high beam bulbs
DRL disabled
White LED dome lights
White LED map lights
White LED license plate lights
White Hella horn
Weathertech rain visor
Titanium, purple dress up bolts
Beatrush pulley aluminum plate
Beatrush purple shift knob
Beatrush aluminum cooling plate
HKS Kansai front tow hook
Prova SI drive knob

Pioneer X930-BT
Morel 4x component speakers with cross overs
Custom amp box
Pioneer 4 channel amp
Pioneer 2 channel amp
Alpine RCA wires
MTX 10 inch sub

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